What Is Electrolysis?


Electrolysis is the permanent solution for unwanted hairs. Electrolysis is the permanent destruction of hair follicles. It is a thinning out process – hair reduction which becomes permanent. During
an Electrolysis treatment, a very fine disposable needle is gently inserted alongside the hair to the base of the follicle. Electricity travels down the needle and cauterizes the tissue. This prevents future hair growth. The closer a client gets to completion, the shorter the appointments, spaced further apart.

Invented in 1875 by an Opthamologist, electrolysis has proven to be Reliable, Safe, and Effective in treating unwanted hair… permanently! Works on every hair color including white, blond and gray!

Does Electrolysis Hurt?

Realizing that everyone has a different tolerance, for most electrolysis is comfortable. If you have tolerated tweezing or waxing, you should be fine. I’ve even had people fall asleep during treatments.

How Many Treatments Before Electrolysis Is Permanent?

Although the number of treatments required varies with each client, those that adhere to a recommended treatment schedule usually accomplish the goal of permanent hair removal between 12-18 months or less for some. Treatment schedules vary according to each person’s needs. Several factors are considered in determining how often a client should be treated. Such as, the size of the area, how much hair there is within the treatment area. Coarseness of the hair being treated and the temporary methods of hair removal done in the past. Also, medical circumstances are factored in. Hairs grow in cycles so… consistency is key in achieving permanent hair removal results.

What Should You Expect After Electrolysis Treatment?

Immediately following electrolysis treatment you should expect a small amount of redness and puffiness around the treated site. Most people have no signs of treatment within an hour or two afterwards. I apply a cold compress as part of your treatment. This will cool down the area and reduce any redness and/or swelling. Aftercare will be recommended based on your skin and area being treated.

Electrolysis Vs. Temporary Hair Removal?

Tweezing, waxing, shaving, depilatories and bleaching are all temporary methods of hair removal. These methods are time consuming and give you the illusion or hair free skin for a short while. Over time there temporary methods can actually stimulate more hair growth. Finer hairs can become thicker, darker and coarser! Combined with unwanted hair you might experience skin irritations, hyper-pigmentation or ingrown hairs. Electrolysis is FDA approved for permanent hair removal. Smooth, hair free skin can be yours… permanently!

Electrolysis Myths

Myth #1 – It’s Expensive

Remember, electrolysis is permanent. The average cost of waxing is almost as much. The financial and emotional expense of temporary hair removal is far more expensive. In terms of time and money!

Myth #2 – It Doesn’t Work

Over the years, I have had many clients tell me that they went somewhere else and did not see results. I can’t speak for other Electrologists work, but I can say that I am a highly skilled practitioner. Having worked in electrolysis for over 22 years I truly care about my client satisfaction. If you commit to a treatment schedule that I recommend – you will be rid of unwanted hair forever!

Laser Hair Removal

What Is Laser?

Laser is a wavelength of light and pulse duration aimed at a target to achieve an optimal effect. Or sometimes called photothermolysis.

A laser beams a highly concentrated light into the hair follicles about the size of a quarter. The pigment in the follicles absorbs the light energy elevating the temperature of the follicle. The laser targets the dark hair leaving surrounding skin undamaged, resulting in permanent hair reduction. Laser hair removal has been FDA approved for permanent hair reduction. I own and use the “gold standard” when it comes to laser equipment.

Who Is A Candidate For Laser Hair Removal?


Actual client after treatment.

The ideal candidate is a person with lighter skin and darker hairs. The darker the hair the better. And as long as the hair is dark, my laser equipment works well on fine hairs as well as coarser hairs. Gray, blond or white hairs lack pigment. Since the laser is searching for dark pigment, laser is not effective on gray, white, red and blond hairs. People with a combination of dark and light hairs can consider electrolysis after laser treatment to remove the hairs lacking color.

How Many Treatments Does It Take?

Because hair grows in cycles, there is a window of opportunity to destroy the hair follicles. A series of treatments are needed to achieve permanent hair reduction. Since everyone responds different, the number of treatments vary. Generally, plan on 6-10 treatments, but you will see great results in as little as two. Again, because hair growth is cyclic, optimum results are achieved by adhering to a treatment schedule.

Laser Or Electrolysis?

While making this decision, several factors are to be considered. Are you a candidate for laser? What area of the body or face would you like treated? We can review treatment options.

What Should I expect During Laser Treatment?

You will be given appropriate glasses to protect your eyes from the laser light. Then the desired area will be shaved if you haven’t done so. Next the laser is applied to the skin surface while your skin is being monitored.

What Should You Expect After Laser Hair Removal?

A cold compress will be applied to the treated area and then some cold aloe gel. You may / may not feel a mild burning sensation for several hours after treatment.

Avoid sun exposure pre and post treatment. Tanned skin will not be worked on as this could result in temporary skin color changes. In the proper hands laser hair removal is safe.

Lasers are great for treating large areas of the body quickly, removing unwanted hair:

  • bikini line
  • under arms
  • legs
  • arms
  • toes
  • face
  • …and more!!

…leaving behind smooth, hair free skin! No more under arm shadow or unsightly bikini line bumps!

Sunspot Removal

Sunspots Can Add Years To The Skin’s Appearance. You can reverse the signs of aging by eliminating skin hyper-pigmentation. Giving your skin a brighter more even, youthful tone! This is achieved by applying a laser to the hyper-pigmented area. The melanin in the sunspots is targeted by the laser light.

Does Sunspot Removal Hurt?

There may be a minor burning while the treatment is being done. This usually will not last longer than a few hours. Most are very comfortable!

What Should Expect After Sunspot Treatment?

Immediately following treatment some of the flat pigmented spots become darker in color. Over a week’s time, they will form a thin crust and flake off. Other spots may fade in color. Some spots require only one treatment. Others may require more. Sun exposure should be avoided before and after treatment.


Actual client… before


After just one treatment!